As we encounter and discover God, we are inevitably led to further unpack our sense of beauty and its meaning for our faith-lives. As a culture, we often describe God as true and good. We use beauty less often—and we struggle to articulate the intuitive relationship between it and the things of God: justice, vulnerability, mystery, and more.

This book is designed to bridge the gap. Through the story of Mark 14:1-11, The Story of the Woman with the Alabaster Jar, this book explores beauty and its profound implications for our lives.

Beautiful visuals, thoughtful design, elegant craftsmanship, and powerful reflections on the role of beauty in our spiritual and embodied lives. 

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A book exploring beauty and its profound implications for our lives. 

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About Alabaster Co

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Alabaster Co is a publishing company exploring the intersection of creativity, beauty, and faith. They publish texts of the Bible with beautiful imagery and thoughtful design. You can learn more about them here

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This free eBook offers three separate reflections and practices on creativity. In a biblical context, the frameworks of morning, afternoon, and evening offer us unique ways of engaging with God and cultivating creativity. With spiritual practice and artistic advice, these reflections can help you structure daily, grounding rhythms of creativity.

A guide to biblical creativity

in a daily order. 

"But could our afternoons be different? What if they served our souls in an essential way, awakened and incited fresh vision, or merely mattered altogether? ... Jesus’ advice to 'lift up your eyes' may be particularly compelling after a morning of staring at screens. Soak in sunlight, sample surrounding colors, slowly savor a strawberry’s sweetness without thinking of anything else."  

Excerpt from Afternoon

Published by Alabaster Co

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