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A visual book exploring beauty and its profound implications for our lives. 

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What is Dalit Theology?

The person and work of Jesus continue to offer a liberated life, scriptures, and spirituality for Dalits. Through it, Dalits reclaim fundamental dignity, heal "crushed" identities, assert themselves, and participate in the experience of a suffering God. As caste violence rises globally, the role of Dalit theology grows increasingly important in helping us all discover God. 

An introduction to the history, frameworks, and necessity of Dalit spirituality for our modern world. 

Dalit Art is Dalit Itself

Weeks after Sri Lanka's Easter bombings, I spoke with Sri Lankan artist and priest Rev. Jebasingh Samuvel on art as resistance. "I can say that non-Dalit oppressors cannot destroy my paintings and creative ideologies. They can only destroy my body, they can only beat me, steal my property, insult me — but they cannot touch my creativity. That is a kind of resistance."

Sojourners Magazine

A Q&A with Sri Lankan artist and priest Rev. Jebasingh Samuvel on Dalit art as resistance. 

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A free eBook with a guide to daily creativity. 


Alabaster Co

This free eBook offers three separate reflections and practices on creativity. In a biblical context, the frameworks of morning, afternoon, and evening offer us unique ways of engaging with God and cultivating creativity. With spiritual practice and artistic advice, these reflections can help you structure daily, grounding rhythms of creativity.

Servant Partners

Servant Partners is a Christian nonprofit organization pursuing community transformation alongside the urban poor. This work involves a common vision for spirituality, an incarnational ministry of presence in urban contexts, and strategies like church-planting, community organizing, leadership development, and civic good. Read stories of our work in our Journey of Hope newsletter. 


Servant Partners

Stories of God's transformation in urban poor neighborhoods around the world.